The Bill reboots 'in the pipeline'

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Mark Wingett wants to revive the ITV show credit:Bang Showbiz
Mark Wingett wants to revive the ITV show credit:Bang Showbiz

Two reboots of 'The Bill' are currently in the works.

Three actors from the original show - Mark Wingett, Trudie Goodwin, and Graham Cole - teamed up with a writer in an effort to revive the ITV drama in 2021, and UKTV is now in the process of developing a new version of the long-running crime series.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "In the minds of many producers and execs, 'The Bill' is a drama which is just sitting, waiting, to be rebooted.

"It’s a simple format but one which attracted a loyal army of followers who would be delighted to see it return.

"No doubt any new incarnation would be tweaked to make it attract a whole new generation to the show."

'The Bill' remains the longest-running police procedural drama in the UK, but the show was axed in 2010, after 26 series.

However, Mark, Trudie, and Graham joined forces last year in a bid to revive the programme.

Writer Simon Sansome has been working with the actors in an effort to get the project off the ground, and talks have also been held with 'Holby City' creator Tony McHale, who was approached about adapting the story for TV.

A source explained at the time: "The project started picking up pace last year after the cast got together to mark ten years since the show last aired.

"Simon started investigating the rights and managed to acquire them. Three of the best known stars are in talks and he’s hopeful he can get them on board. Tony has seen the script and they hope they can get him signed up too.

"They’re in constant contact and the project has begun to move on quickly. There’s a couple of channels interested in bringing back what is such a well-loved story."

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