Birmingham family's shock at 'not being allowed' on easyJet flight from holiday resort

-Credit: (Image: The Mirror)
-Credit: (Image: The Mirror)

A Birmingham mother-of-two has spoken of her shock at "not being allowed" to board her flight home to Birmingham from a popular holiday destination. Chanel Gaston was ready to get on her easyJet flight back to BHX from Sharm El-Sheikh with her two children, but claims due to issues at the airport, she was stopped from getting on by the captain, despite arriving at the airport with ample time.

Chanel, 37, was also travelling with her partner who won't be named, and told BirminghamLive they had just finished a family holiday at the popular Egyptian resort. "We arrived at Sharm El-Sheikh airport at 5.30pm for a flight at 7.20pm" said Chanel.

"The security in Egypt alone is ridiculous. To go through the airport you must have confirmation that you have a flight and passport. You go in a queue to go through security, there was a hold-up that particular day. I just stood there for half an hour, the security official had no idea about my flight. He told me it was closed after keeping me waiting for 30 minutes" the frustrated mum said.

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'There was no one to help us'

Chanel was travelling with her partner and two children, 7 and 10 to Birmingham Airport on May 25 from Sharm El Sheikh. The flight was at 7.20pm, the family arrived at 5.30pm, the gate closed at 6.50pm and the family had checked in online so just had to drop their bags.

Chanel claims the security official did not accept that the family were on the West Midlands-bound flight, despite having their travel documents to hand.

"Airport management went to the aircraft and the captain refused us and another family" she claimed. We have put this claim to easyJet who said this "wouldn't be the level of service we expect for our customers" and are looking into it.

They added that Chanel and her family arrived too late for to board the flight, but Chanel says that was due to the hold-up at airport security.

The airline said they cannot comment on airport security issues but are looking into what happened. Chanel said after the family were blocked from getting on the flight, they faced a stressful few days. "There was no one to be seen from easyJet, four easyJet staff had no clue what to do. I really did not know what to do at this point.

"We stood in the airport until nearly 11.30pm with no idea what the hell to do. There was no one to help us. I have got two kids with me, one being very sick."

After being told they could not board the flight, the family returned to their accommodation for another night and booked flights to Cairo the next day on May 26 so they could catch a flight to London as there were no direct flights to Birmingham until May 28.

The frustrated mum explained that flights from Sharm El-Sheikh to Cairo cost £350, then from Cairo to London Heathrow cost £1250 and a taxi from LHR to Acocks Green cost £190.

She also took a loan out for £2,500 to cover last-minute flights back from Cairo and any further expenses that came with it.

easyJet response

An easyJet spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear that Ms Gaston and her family arrived too late to the gate to board their flight from Sharm El-Sheikh to Birmingham on 25 May and we are looking into their airport security experience with the airport, as this wouldn't be the level of service we expect for our customers.

"We always recommend customers allow plenty of time to make their way through the airport and that they have comprehensive travel insurance to cover for unforeseen circumstances, and we have provided Ms Gaston with the supporting documentation she needs to make a claim with her insurance provider.”

'I didn't get on the flight'

The family's return flights from Birmingham Airport to Sharm El-Sheikh for four cost £1,628, but Chanel says she has trouble getting anywhere with the budget airline to claim compensation for the missed flights home.

The airline told us Chanel had contacted them to make an insurance claim but they had directed her to her insurance provider, highlighting the documentation she needs to make a claim.