Blackpool's £442k luxury flat resident-only parking scheme under fire over 'misuse of public cash'

Councillors have agreed to borrow £442,000 to fund a residents only parking scheme in Blackpool – but have come under fire over the use of public funds.

The Labour-run council’s executive has agreed to spend the cash on a residents-only parking scheme on Harrow Place in South Shore for the sole use of people living in luxury flats at Coastal Point. Residents will be charged £400 a year for a permit, compared to £15 for a parking permit at other residents-only parking schemes in the town. If the residents’ parking scheme fails, the bays will be converted to public pay-and-display.

The funding is also seen as supporting the investment in the area after private development has stalled due to delays in providing the necessary parking. But Squires Gate Conservative councillor Carl Mitchell has warned the council may not be able to recoup the money it is set to borrow for the scheme.


He said: “The layout of the street will require a complete change costing taxpayers over £400,000. The Labour council should not be using public money to finance the parking dispute between property owners and the developers.

“As residents of Coastal Point will not be obliged to pay for a space, there is a risk this money will not be recovered. I have already had complaints from residents who are disappointed with the council’s so-called solution and upset at the £400 a year cost and how it will be policed.”

Legal agreements are being drawn up with the developers to also include some of their land, and also to contribute to the cost of the work. They must also commit to the purchase of parking permits for a period of five years once the scheme has been implemented.

A report to the executive said: “In order to ensure that resident parking does not result in undue pressure on existing on-street parking provision, it is proposed that parking to meet the needs of the developments is created within the highway.”