Body Shocks: Video Playlist

6ft 9in Tall Woman’s Confidence Hits New Heights

By Barcroft TV

A towering woman who was dubbed ‘Godzilla’ by bullies is having the last laugh after making it big as a model and artist. Statuesque Aly Stosz turns heads wherever she goes – and at 6ft 9 inches tall she is impossible to miss. The 27-year-old – who has size 14 feet - dwarfed all of her friends throughout school and by the time she was 12-years-old she measured an impressive 6”3. Now Aly, a former model, embraces her goddess-like stature.

Videographer / director: Ariel Martinez
Producer: Emma Pearson, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

Watch a series of videos about the human body, medical marvels, people with rare conditions affecting their bodies, or unusual stories of people who’ve chosen to take body modification to the extreme.

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