Body-cam footage shows moment violent burglar is arrested while hiding in a loft in his underwear

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Watch: Body-cam footage shows moment violent burger is arrested by police in his pants

This is the moment a violent criminal was arrested in just his underwear after he was found hiding in a loft.

Scott Taylor, 31, was wanted by police after a violent burglary during which the homeowner was stabbed in the leg earlier this year. 

Officers traced him to an address nearby where he was found hiding in the attic wearing just his underwear.

Scott Taylor was wanted in connection with a violent burglary. (SWNS)
Scott Taylor was wanted in connection with a violent burglary. (SWNS)

Body-cam footage from West Midlands Police shows him being led back down a ladder and downstairs in handcuffs after being arrested. 

Taylor has now been jailed for eight years and 10 months after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary and attempted aggravated burglary at Birmingham Crown Court.

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During the burglary that Taylor was wanted in connection with, a man in his 50s heard someone forcing their way in to his home in Lea Hall, Birmingham. 

He looked out of his bedroom window to see four people at the front door and when he went downstairs, was attacked with a knife that hit him across the kneecap. 

Taylor and the other men then made off in a Volvo along with several electronic items.

Forensics officers went on to find the victim's mobile phone in a nearby road - on it were Taylor's fingerprints, and officers also matched forensics and fingerprints to a lock that fell off the door.

Taylor went on the run, police said, sparking an appeal that led to officers being tipped off about his whereabouts.

He was then found by officers hiding in the loft of an address in Kitts Green, Birmingham.

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