The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 11, 2024: Steffy's ultimatum about Hope

 Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Liam meets his little sister while Steffy tells Hope to stay away from Finn in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 11, 2024.

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We begin today at Forrester Creations, where Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wants to know what she walked in on between Hope (Annika Noelle) and Finn (Tanner Novlan).

Eric (John McCook) agrees with Ridge that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) should take on more at the company. She’s definitely considering it. Eric agrees that the Logans and Forresters make a great team. Donna (Jennifer Gareis) asks Katie (Heather Tom) how it would all work from a PR standpoint but she’s distracted. She reveals that her son, Will, has a half-sister. "Bill has a daughter?" Eric exclaims.

Liam (Scott Clifton) is blown away that he has a sister now. He’s stunned that the possibility that Bill mentioned is now a reality. Luna (Lisa Yamada) and Poppy (Romy Park) hope he’s excited about it. Liam smiles. "There’s only one thing to say: hey Luna, welcome to the family!"

Brooke and Donna are equally stunned that Bill has a daughter. Eric doesn’t seem too shocked considering his history with Liam and Wyatt. Katie says he’s known them for a while. "Luna is Bill’s daughter," she tells them. The room is silent.

Liam says he had a feeling when he got Bill’s text that it was good news. He says he’s been telling his father how great it is to be a Girl Dad and now Bill gets to know for himself, and he also gets a little sister to spoil.

Finn says he and Hope were just talking. Steffy says Hope is becoming a bad influence on her husband and she warns Hope to stay away from him.

Brooke is blown away. Katie says she got the information from RJ. Brooke knows it’s a big adjustment for Bill, and for Katie. Eric knows that this means they’ll have to explain the news to Will. Brooks wonders if the news makes Katie want to have a second chance with Bill, knowing that Bill and Poppy have a daughter together.

Liam asks how Luna is handling the news. She says it’s more than she ever could have wished for. Liam admits he’s learned to expect the unexpected with his father, but he loves how happy his father is. Unlike the past, Bill hasn’t been able to "shut up" about Poppy which means he must be crazy about her. Poppy says she loves him even more now that they share a daughter.

Finn says he and Hope are just friends. Steffy can’t believe Hope is buying into the "Sheila has changed" idea. She says Hope can think whatever she wants but she wants her to stay away from Finn. Hope agrees to leave, but before she goes, she tells Steffy she’s lucky to have such a "compassionate" husband.

Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Katie says she doesn’t know Poppy but she knows Luna is great. Eric agrees. Brooke hasn’t heard anything about the news from RJ, but she’s certain she will hear about it. Katie decides that she needs to go see Bill and get answers.

Bill reveals that he asked Poppy and Luna to move in with him. Liam says his father is always generous when he’s happy. Bill says having these women in his life makes him happy.

Hope is daydreaming about Finn when Brooke walks in. She has news about Luna: Bill is her father. She tells Hope to keep it quiet, but when she notices that Hope is distracted she asks what’s wrong. Hope admits that she’s thinking about Finn because she’s worried that he doesn’t have "much of a voice" in his marriage.

Steffy is pacing in the office. Finn asks what’s wrong and she says that Hope keeps bringing Sheila up. He says that they might have been able to discuss it if she’d been more "chill" when she walked in. Steffy says that Hope always pretends to be the victim and blames everything on Steffy. "You need to stop and think before ever defending Hope again," Steffy tells him.

Bill and Liam had to leave, and Luna thinks she should head back to work. Poppy wishes Luna would stay since it’s such a big day. She thinks Bill has the most to celebrate for getting the best daughter in the world. She hopes this new life is all Luna wanted it to be."It’s a dream come true," Poppy says. Katie walks in and hears Poppy talking about how great it is that they’re living in the Spencer Estate. Katie was hoping to speak with Bill. Luna says she can’t wait to meet Will. Katie asks about them moving in. Katie says family is very important to Bill. Poppy tells her that Liam gave them his blessing and she’s hoping for Katie’s blessing too.

Steffy tells Finn she loves him and knows he’s kind and that he cares about people. She admits she feels like sometimes he’s a little too caring when he tries to help people. She doesn’t like that there’s a connection between Hope and Sheila and she’s afraid that Hope is trying to get in his head. He asks what her point is, and Steffy thinks that the less she sees of Hope, the better.

Hope tells her mother about what a great guy Finn is and how he shouldn’t feel bad about having a big heart. No one questions his devotion to Steffy, but Steffy doesn’t see it and she’s tired of it. Brooke asks where Hope is going with it. Hope thinks Steffy doesn’t see what she has with Finn. Brooke warns her that Finn is Steffy’s husband and Ridge’s son-in-law. "Are you having feelings for Steffy’s husband?" Brooke asks.

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