The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 13, 2024: Finn makes a house call

 Finn (Tanner Novlan) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Credit: CBS

Hope asks Finn to make a house call in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 12, 2024.

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We begin today at Hope’s (Annika Noelle) cabin, where Booke (Katherine Kelly Lang) asks about Beth, who is home sick. Hope says Beth didn’t sleep well, and Brooke knows that Hope didn’t sleep well, either. Brooke says that they didn’t get to finish their conversation and she wants to know about Hope’s feelings for Finn (Tanner Novlan). Hope doesn’t think Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) appreciates Finn the way he deserves and she doesn’t think Finn is happy with Steffy.

Steffy is getting ready to leave when she thinks back to the day at the office finding Finn and Hope. Finn walks up and says he has a free morning and he’d like to spend it with his "sexy wife." She has meetings, but she does want to clarify their conversation about Hope.

Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) wrap up a meeting and Ridge says he’d like to talk with Hope about the line. Carter says that Ridge is all fired up and is acting more like a CEO and not a designer. Ridge says he still wants to move away from the job but he has a "particular caveat." Ridge explains that he doesn’t want all of the work to fall on Steffy, so he’s thinking of bringing in someone who has done the job before. Carter guesses it’s Brooke, but Ridge says she turned him down. He’s still trying, though.

Steffy says that Finn is a caring guy. Finn asks if she thinks Hope is trying to manipulate him, and Steffy says that she has done it with Thomas and Liam. Finn understands where she’s coming from.

Brooke thinks it’s great that Hope can open up to Finn, but she can’t go after Steffy’s husband. There are kids involved and Brooke doesn’t want things to get out of hand. She warns Hope to be careful as she leaves, promising to come back and check on Beth later. Once she’s gone, Hope breathes a sigh of relief. Beth wakes up and says she feels worse. Hope says she needs to go to the doctor, but Beth doesn’t feel good enough to go. (Because of course she doesn’t…)

Hope bundles Beth up on the couch as she calls the doctor’s office. They can’t see her until the next day, but Hope has an idea. She calls Finn and runs all of Beth's symptoms by him and asks if she should go to urgent care, but he insists on coming over to help.

Ridge says he "put the cart before the horse" with his idea. Carter teases him about not checking with Steffy first, but Ridge thinks they would just work through it and do what’s best for the company. Brooke walks in and Carter jokes with her about bailing on Ridge’s offer. Ridge admits he hasn’t gotten over the idea. Steffy walks in, asking why Brooke is there.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Finn arrives and checks on Beth, who definitely has the flu. He tells her he has some medicine to help her feel better soon. He gives her a shot and she doesn’t even feel it. Hope thanks him as he offers Beth a choice of bandaids.

Ridge tells Steffy that he asked Brooke to join him there. Ridge says he wants to capitalize on Brooke’s contributions to the company again. Highlight Brooke’s line and do a photo shoot that puts her front and center. He wants to get back to when Brooke was doing the lingerie line, and he reveals a photo of Brooke in her red lingerie on a bed for a photoshoot. Brooke points out that she’s a grandmother now, but Carter says she’s not like any grandmother he knows. Ridge says it’s time for Brooke to step out of the shadows and get in front of the camera to make the bedroom line hers again.

Hope says Beth’s fever is going down and Finn says she’s on the road to recovery. Hope suggests that Beth gets some sleep, so Finn offers to carry her to bed. As Beth thanks him, Hope pines away after the man she can’t have.

Ridge tells Brooke that she wanted to have a bigger role in the company and this is a great way to do it. Carter says that Ridge has put a lot of thought into this, and Ridge says he’s planned so many things. He even has a retrospective of her best moments at Forrester, which he plays for them. Carter smiles as Steffy rolls her eyes. "Magic, that’s what you bring to the bedroom line," Ridge says. He says she has so much more to give to the fashion world. Brooke still has questions about how it’s all going to work, but she agrees to do it. Ridge is thrilled, but Steffy is less than thrilled.

Hope says she’s going to check on Beth but she made tea for Finn. Finn sighs as she leaves the room.

After Ridge and Carter leave, Steffy asks if Brooke is going to leave. Brooke knows that Steffy isn’t thrilled about the whole idea. Steffy is more concerned about Finn and Hope.

Hope thanks Finn over and over again. She’s grateful that he made her feel so much better. It reminds her how he’s such an incredible man. She looks at him with heated passion in her eyes while he looks on warily.

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