The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 3, 2024: small victory for Hope and Brooke

 Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Hope and Brooke score small victories while Li and Poppy go to battle in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 3, 2024.

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We’re back with Bill (Don Diamont), Luna (Lisa Yamada) and Poppy (Romy Park). Poppy apologizes for not telling them sooner, but he is looking forward to getting the results about — hopefully — their daughter.

Katie (Heather Tom) is in the middle of asking RJ (Joshua Hoffman) how long she’s known Luna when Li (Naomi Matsuda) walks in, looking for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). She’s in a meeting, so Katie asks her about Poppy and whether Li knows that Poppy is saying that Bill could be Luna's father.

Hope (Annika Noelle) makes a case for Hope for the Future to stay afloat but Steffy asks Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) to confirm the numbers and they’re not good. She says they could be using that money for something better. Brooke tells Ridge he has to do something.

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) is looking at family photos as Eric (John McCook) finishes his workout. She tells him about what happened with Hope. She tells Eric that Steffy wants to cancel the line and Eric is shocked.

Carter says they haven’t made any decisions yet but they’re having an official meeting. Steffy asks Brooke to leave, with Ridge assuring her that he’ll handle it. Brooke makes sure that it’s clear that she hasn’t been part of the team for a while but she has always been part of the company. After she leaves, Steffy starts the meeting.

Li is stunned that Poppy is claiming Luna is Bill’s daughter. Katie doesn’t understand why Li doesn’t know that because Katie shares everything with her sisters. Li says Poppy is a gold digger. RJ looks on, knowing that this is a bad conversation.

Poppy is ready for the test. Bill tells Luna how much he hopes she’s his daughter.

RJ tells Li that this doesn’t sound like Poppy. Li says he doesn’t know her sister the way she does. She’s going to end this. RJ admits they’re at Bill’s.

Brooke arrives as Donna and Eric make drinks. Eric asks what Ridge is saying about it but Brooke says Steffy asked her to leave. Donna can’t believe she wouldn't let Brooke stay, but Brooke says she’s not going to give up without a fight.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope asks Carter what lines continue to be profitable for their company, and in two cases it’s products and lines that Brooke created. Hope accuses Steffy of trying to erase the Logans from the company and she wonders if this is strong leadership or a vendetta against her family.

Katie asks if RJ has any news. He hasn’t heard anything, and she asks how he feels about Bill being Luna’s father. He’s conflicted and admits to being worried if Bill is Luna’s father.

Poppy gives the swabs to Bill and Luna, but before they start Luna tells Bill that she has no expectations of him. He insists that he will be the luckiest man to have her as a daughter and would give her the world. Before they can proceed, though, Li bursts through the door (how does a millionaire not have better security, or even locked doors!?) and tells them to stop because she knows what’s going on.

Eric knows that Hope for the Future’s numbers haven’t been great, but it’s not enough to cancel the line. Donna can’t get over Steffy kicking Brooke out of the meeting. Brooke just wants to be sure that Hope’s line isn’t cancelled.

Hope challenges Steffy to say what she’s done for the company. Ridge steps in and points out that Hope for the Future is a big part of the company, too, to Steffy’s absolute shock.

Katie asks RJ if he knows anything about Poppy that could be in line with what Li said. He knows she’s made mistakes but nothing points to anything as bad as what Li is saying about her.

Bill wants to know what’s going on, and Li says that her sister has a type. She wonders why Poppy waited so long to say anything about this to Bill. He’s confused about the dynamic between the sisters, but he is confident that the suggestion that Poppy is a gold digger is way off base. Li has her own paternity test and suggests that a professional should administer the test.

Donna says Hope can’t lose her line. Eric admits he's concerned but also says Steffy is a good co-CEO and he’s been happy with her work. But Forrester Creations has a checks and balances system and Ridge would have to agree.

Ridge says they should take a breath right now. When Steffy says it’s business, Ridge agrees. He tells Hope that the numbers aren’t good, but he thinks pulling the plug is "premature" and Carter suggests that they see what happens to the numbers next quarter. He and Carter leave for a meeting and Ridge tells them to figure this out because they are the future of the company. Once they’re gone, Steffy says Hope can gloat but she’s still in trouble. Hope isn’t gloating, but she is going to keep moving forward.

Li points out that she can administer the test from start to finish, and she points out that the test she brought is sealed. Poppy demands that Li leave, but Bill asks her to stay and do the test because they have nothing to hide. Li apologizes to Luna for being in the middle of all of this, but this is all her mother’s fault. Poppy is furious, but Li is triumphant as she gets ready for the test.

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