The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 4, 2024: Ridge considers the future

 Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Steffy and Ridge talk about the future of Forrester Creations while Bill and Luna await the results in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 4, 2024.

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We begin today at Bill’s (Don Diamont) house, where Li (Naomi Matsuda) is ready to find out the identity of Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) father. Is it Bill, or is Poppy (Romy Park) wrong?

Liam (Scott Clifton) interrupts RJ (Joshua Hoffman) and Katie (Heather Tom) and asks if they’ve heard the news from Bill.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) tells Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) that they’re co-CEOs and they need to be on the same page. He tells her that losing Hope for the Future is not what’s best for the company.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is at Eric’s house and Hope (Annika Noelle) arrives to give her the news. Hope explains that Ridge overruled Steffy, so the line will live on. Brooke is thrilled for her daughter.

Deacon (Sean Kanan) is sipping a drink at Il Giardino when Tom (Clint Howard) arrives. Deacon offers to take his bag but it’s all of his worldly possessions. Deacon thanks him for everything he did and says the job is still on the table. Tom says most employers don’t hire people who have been through things, but Deacon is big on second chances and he considers himself lucky to have him on the team.

Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) says he’s been thinking about it and he agrees with Ridge. Hope for the Future deserves time to grow. Steffy points out that it won’t be the same without Thomas and suggests that Ridge might have to help them design. Ridge wants to get back to couture, which makes Steffy suspicious of what his plans might be.

RJ mentions that he heard about the news from Luna and asks Liam about being a big brother all of a sudden. Liam says his father is excited at the prospect of being a father, which surprises Katie and RJ.

Poppy points out that she has the same paternity test, but Li says hers is sealed. Bill tells them to put their sibling rivalry behind them and get going with the test. He’s eager to find out if he’s Luna’s father. Luna agrees because she wants to know.

Tom devours a meal while Deacon asks if he has a place to stay. Tom insists that he’s "fine" and Deacon has given him so much already. Deacon says Tom is responsible for making him so happy and they owe him a lot. Tom asks what he can do for Deacon, and Deacon asks if he’s familiar with food prep. Tom can’t even use a microwave, so Deacon asks about being a waiter. When a pizza order comes in, Tom perks up at the idea of being a delivery driver. Tom is thrilled.

Steffy points out that Ridge knows the CEO job, but Ridge doesn’t want to put out fires. Someone else has to design new products because that’s what their company is about.

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope tells Brooke that she should have been in the meeting. She says that the look on Steffy’s face when Ridge acknowledged her mother’s contributions was priceless. When Hope reminds her about being a CEO once upon a time, she asks if Brooke ever considered a return to the role.

Luna asks how the test works. Li explains how it all works. Two stripes mean that Bill is the father, one stripe means he’s not. Bill and Luna can’t wait for the results, but Li looks at Poppy with suspicion in her eyes.

Ridge points out that the company is in a good place right now, though Steffy says Hope for the Future isn’t. Ridge tells her to stop worrying about Hope for the Future and says he wants to design, so he says that Steffy is the one who is doing the bulk of the work. She wonders if he’s saying she can run the company.

Brooke loved being CEO and knows she could do a great job running the company again. She has a lot to offer and there are lots of things to change, but she doesn’t want to step on toes.

Liam is surprised that Li called Poppy a gold digger. Tom arrives with RJ’s pizza order. They all sit down to eat while they wait for news.

Li administers the test. Luna and Bill look at each other with smiles as they await the results. Once the test, which looks like a COVID test and a pregnancy test had a baby, is done, they all sit back and await the results.

Deacon is behind the bar when Tom returns. Deacon praises how fast Tom got back from his delivery. Tom asks what tipping online means

Ridge knows his daughter can do the job. He says that if she needs help, there’s got to be someone at the company who could step up.

Hope says everyone misses her at the company, as do their suppliers. Brooke reminisces about the people she used to work with as Hope reminds her how she’s a "coveted" member of the industry. Brooke reminds Hope that there’s no room at the top because it’s Ridge and Steffy running the company. Hope points out that Ridge handed the job to Steffy and now Steffy is trying to erase the Logan influence from the company. She reminds her mother how she rose up from being a caterer’s daughter to being a top designer. Hope begs her mother to get back to the company.

Liam finishes his pizza. He has to run to a meeting but he asks if they can keep him in the loop. RJ gets a text from Luna that they’re doing the test.

Li says it’s good seeing Bill again, and she explains to Luna that Finn’s birth mother, Sheila, ran her off the road one night and Bill found her. She’d lost her memory and Bill took care of her. Li says Bill came into her life years ago and now he might be Luna’s father. The alarm beeps. “Well look what we have here,” Li says.

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