The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 7, 2024: Deacon proposes

 Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and Deacon (Sean Kanan) in The Bold and the Beautiful.
Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) and Deacon (Sean Kanan) in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Deacon proposes to Sheila while Steffy confides in Liam in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 7, 2024.

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Deacon (Sean Kanan) consoles a shocked Hope (Annika Noelle), who explains that she’s there to make him stop talking about Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) being alive. Finn (Tanner Novlan) points out that Sheila had been there the whole time.

Liam (Scott Clifton) arrives for a meeting with Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Liam asks if Finn ever called her back, catching her off guard. They finish their meeting and Carter says that the terms look good. Liam brings up Finn again and Steffy tells him that Hope is there trying to shut Deacon down as they speak. She can’t handle hearing about Sheila and her toes anymore.

Hope tries to understand what happened, that Steffy did kill someone that night. Finn says it wasn’t his mom. Hope asks how Sheila tricked Sugar into getting plastic surgery all those years ago. Sheila admits it wasn’t a high point for her. Finn explains that Sugar kidnapped Sheila and held her hostage. Hope can’t believe that everything Deacon said was true.

Liam knows that Deacon will respect Hope’s opinion so it’s a good thing she’s there with him right now. Carter says that even if Hope fails, they’ll try someone else. Liam admits that the bigger problem is that Deacon’s conspiracy theories are hurting other people. If it was just about Deacon, he says, they’d probably be laughing at him. But it’s hurting other people. After Carter leaves, Liam asks if Steffy needs to vent and she says she’s tired of talking about Sheila.

Sheila tells Hope that this is her real second chance now that she has what she’s always wanted: true love, and her son. Hope can see how happy Deacon and Finn are that she’s alive but she still has her concerns. Sheila says that someday she would like to think that Hope can see that she’s changed. For now, though, she wants to go outside after being locked up for so long. Before she goes outside, she tells Hope that Finn and Deacon are right about her and that she’s a different person now. Hope wipes away tears once Sheila leaves with Deacon, and she asks Finn how this is possible.

On the roof, Sheila tells Deacon how much she’s missed sunlight. She didn’t think she’d ever make it out of the warehouse alive. Deacon agrees that they all need to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, now more than ever. He says that Finn can see how much she’s changed and it’s a matter of time until everyone else sees it too. Sheila still can’t believe Deacon thought he saw her body.

Steffy wants to erase the nightmare of killing Sheila from her brain. Liam knows that Sheila still hangs over her, and Deacon isn’t helping her. But it’s all part of a process that’s sorting itself out. "There is no Sheila. She’s gone. She’s gone for good," he says.

Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer in The Bold and the Beautiful
Scott Clifton as Liam Spencer in The Bold and the Beautiful

Hope tells Finn that she was so upset seeing Sheila that she fainted. She asks Finn what he thought, and he agrees that he thought Deacon was delusional, too. Until he saw Sheila himself. Finn knows that this is going to complicate things. “Just a little bit," Hope says. She tells him that she won’t judge him for this and promises to be a safe space for him to talk about it. But she knows others won’t feel the same way. He says he’s feeling "relief" and "joy" knowing that Sheila, his birth mother, is alive.

Sheila tells Deacon he has nothing to apologize for, because ultimately he saved her life. He calls her a wild hurricane and appreciates that she’s going to live every day to the fullest. Soon he’s getting down on one knee to propose to her. "Her and her magical missing toe." He asks her to marry him.

Steffy says she feels a bit better, probably for the first time since her wedding to Finn when Sheila showed up. At long last, she doesn’t have to fear for her life and hire security guards.

Finn says that it’s hard to get over the fact that Sheila tried to stop Sugar from harming Steffy and the kids. He’s not forgetting the things Sheila did, but this proves that people can change and they can reform. Hope would love to agree with him, but there are a lot of issues that she’s struggling to believe. She knows that a lot of people will have the same struggles, too, and that’s going to make it a lot more difficult.

Everything has changed for Finn, though, because he thought his mother died because of his wife and this is a chance to start over and have his birth mother in his life. He knows it will take a major shift for people, especially Steffy, to accept that Sheila has changed but at least Sheila tried to save them. Steffy believes in Thomas, after all, so maybe she will see things have changed for Sheila, too. He appreciates Hope listening to him, and they share a hug. Hope looks very worried, though.

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