Boris Johnson news: PM under attack for 'schmoozing Tory donors while ignoring flood victims', as Sajid Javid issues public warning to leader

Adam Forrest, Lizzy Buchan
Getty Images

Boris Johnson has been attacked by Jeremy Corbyn over his week-long absence from public view, as the Labour leader accused the “part-time PM” of “schmoozing Tory party donors” instead of visiting flood-hit communities in the north and Midlands.

The row comes as Labour demanded an investigation into the true scale of homelessness across the UK after figures showed more than 28,000 people are sleeping rough in a year – five times higher than the government admits.

Elsewhere, the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies said chancellor Rishi Sunak will have to hike taxes – or entrench austerity – to pay for a “giveaway” budget, while Sajid Javid warned his successor not to go on a spending splurge.

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