Boris Johnson's popularity slumps to its lowest ever level, poll finds

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Boris Johnson has seen his popularity take a dip in recent weeks (Picture: PA)
Boris Johnson has seen his popularity take a dip in recent weeks (Picture: PA)

Boris Johnson’s popularity has sunk to its lowest ever level, a poll has found.

A survey carried out by YouGov found that voters’ opinion of the former foreign secretary has nosedived over the past two years, since they began recording his popularity.

Mr Johnson has been a constant critic of prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, and has written a series of columns outlining his opposition.

But it would appear that his stance, while gaining column inches and winning fans among Tory hard Brexiteers, has failed to win over the public at large.

The poll found that Mr Johnson’s favourability figures had been slightly better than Mrs May’s at the beginning of September, at -22 to her -26.

But by the time of his speech to the Conservative Party conference, his score had dropped to -28 and has now fallen further to -35, its lowest ever level.

Mrs May, on the other hand, has improved in the same period to -22.


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In a particularly deep blow, the dip is mainly among Conservative and Leave voters.

He had a +26 rating with Tory voters at the beginning of September, but that slipped to just +6 after a month, and is now even lower at -4.

Among those who voted for Brexit, his score has plummeted from +25 to -1.

Mr Johnson does not agree with Theresa May’s Brexit strategy (Picture: PA)
Mr Johnson does not agree with Theresa May’s Brexit strategy (Picture: PA)

“The speech given by Boris Johnson may have been covered just as closely by the press, and the former foreign secretary’s head may adorn the top half of the Daily Telegraph on a weekly basis, but neither of these things seem to be doing him much good,” said a YouGov spokesman.

Another Tory Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg, also took a battering in the poll, seeing his popularity wane in recent weeks.

Although the proportion of people who view him favourably has remained virtually unchanged – going from 18% in September 2017 to 19% today – the percentage with an unfavourable view of him has increased from 30% to 46%.

This means his net favourability score has gone from -12 to -27.

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