Boy Has Close Encounter With Humpback Whales Off Kerry Coast

Terence Deane captured video of the moment he and his son had a close encounter with three humpback whales while the pair were boating near Maharees, County Kerry, on June 21.

Terence and Tomas Deane were in their rigid inflatable boat about 14 miles off the Irish coast when they encountered the whales.

The video shows a humpback whale swimming close to the boat while another whale rises from the water near 14-year-old Tomas.

In a statement to RTE, Terence Deane described the moment as “unreal” and said the duo “were shaking, not with fear, but in awe.”

The six-minute video combines Terence’s phone footage of the whale poking its head out of the water – a behavior called “spyhopping” – with underwater footage of the whales, taken by Tomas with a GoPro camera. Credit: Terence Deane via Storyful