Boyfriend asks for partner's 'sand' in marriage with beach proposal in giant 15ft letters

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Jeremy and Jennifer celebrate after the successful marriage proposal. (SWNS)

Romantic boyfriend Jeremy Curtis asked for his partner's 'sand' in marriage - by proposing in giant 15ft letters on the beach.

Jeremy, 39, scoured remote beach spots across the UK before popping the question to girlfriend Jennifer Ayris, 31, via the enormous beach message.

He enlisted a team of local volunteers to help carve the massive message in the dunes - complete with giant love hearts.

Jeremy then took girlfriend Jennifer Ayris, 31, for a romantic stroll on a clifftop in Guernsey where she spotted the message 'Jen, will you marry me?' below.

She immediately went down to the shore and carved her answer - 'yes'.

Relieved Jeremy, an IT consultant from Sheffield, had spent weeks planning the proposal in intricate detail.

He eventually picked Petit Port beach on the Channel Island of Guernsey - where he rounded up willing helper using Twitter and a local newspaper.

His cries for help were answered by eleven people who came forward to clear the beach of seaweed ready for the huge message

The final touches - love hearts, swirls, and the date - were finished just as Jeremy and Jennifer's holiday cruise ship docked in Guernsey for a stop.

Jeremy said: 'I put plenty of suncream on when I visited Guernsey to plan the proposal as I didn't want to return to the UK with a tan and give the game away.

'When it came to the big day we got off the boat and I walked Jen along the cliff path until we could see a little bit of the beach, then asked her to put on a blindfold.

'After walking her a little farther I got down on one knee and told her she could take it off.

'The moment she saw the message she burst into tears and said yes. It was an incredible moment.'

Jeremy's friends had even laid on a romantic picnic for the couple at the top of the cliff.

The couple then climbed down to the beach where Jennifer, a solicitor, added the word 'yes' to the message.

They went in search of the volunteers to thank them in person but the group had disappeared to give them privacy

Jennifer said: 'I don't think it has even sunk in yet. It could not have been any better.'

Jeremy added: 'I hadn't seen the message in advance and I had no idea how well it would turn out but it was better than I could have possibly imagined.

'The fact that it was all done by volunteers who didn't know me is totally overwhelming.

The couple were on a cruise with Jeremy's parents, brother, sister-in-law and two young nephews to celebrate his mum's 65th birthday.

Jeremy and Jennifer, who have been together for three years, plan to get married next year.