The Boys Sneak Peek: Homelander Disses Tek Knight (‘You Can’t Even Fly’) — Watch Exclusive Video

The Boys’ Tek Knight might have super senses, but to paraphrase Shania Twain, that don’t impress Homelander much.

In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from this Thursday’s episode of the Prime Video hit, Tek Knight effusively welcomes The Seven’s leader to a party at his house. “Oh, captain, my captain. It is such an honor to have you here,” Tek greets him.

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Homelander, however, has a less than complimentary response: “Sage and I might need you for the moment, but let’s get one thing straight: There’s no team-up. We’re not equals. You’re pathetic. You can’t even fly for God’s sakes.” (Is anyone else imagining Tai’s voice from Clueless during that last part?)

The character of Tek Knight (portrayed by Derek Wilson) made his debut on the spinoff Gen V, where he used his superhuman deduction abilities to interrogate the Godolkin University students. Although Tek and two of those student supes, Cate (Maddie Phillips) and Sam (Asa Germann), appeared in last week’s episode, showrunner Eric Kripke says there has been no discussion about making a Gen V character a more permanent part of The Boys, even with an available spot on The Seven.

“To me, that starts to become like such a crossover and so major to the story that it sort of states that people need to watch Gen V to understand who that character was. I want to try to avoid that, if I can, of making the watching of both shows start to feel like homework,” Kripke explained to TVLine. “If you want to watch Gen V, great! If you don’t want to watch it, great. To me, making a main character of that show become a main character on this show feels like maybe a step too far.”

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