Bradley Walsh amuses The Chase fans as he points out contestant's wardrobe blunder

Bradley was on top form once again
Bradley was on top form once again -Credit:ITV

Bradley Walsh amused viewers of ITV's The Chase by spotting a contestant's potential wardrobe blunder.

While answering quiz questions in front of the nation can be incredibly tense, you can always count on the host to relieve the pressure.

Contestant Craig, from Manchester, stepped up with a spring in his step, determined to shine against one of the nation's smartest brains. But attention soon swung from quizzing to what the player does for a living.

After revealing his occupation, Bradley gushed: "You teach fashion?" before evaluating the player's outfit. The 40-year-old contestant replied: "I've forgotten my belt," before Bradley, responded: "I know you've forgotten your belt. Is that why your hands are there? Faux pas for the fashion teacher."

The Star reports that Craig also admitted to spending his free time painting, working on a sewing machine, and even making dolls and scrapbooks. And while many quizzers take on the show for luxury holiday or a new car, Craig admitted that he wanted to upgrade his sewing machine.

The academic would go on to achieve £7,000 in his cash-builder, showing excellent knowledge of Noddy, Charlie Chaplin and poker. But taking on the Chaser can be a complete different scenario, especially when it's Governess Anne Hegerty.

Breaking the ice, the brainbox said: "Hello Craig the fashion teacher. Last time I tried runway modelling, they had to close Gatwick."

Placing his glasses on his head, Craig held his composure and returned to his team with a cool cash pot of £7,000.