Brave Beachgoers Save Dying Shark By Pulling Fishing Hook Out Of Its Mouth

A dying shark was saved when brave beachgoers heroically pulled a huge fishing hook out of its mouth.

The injured animal was spotted thrashing around in shallow waters off the coast of Porto Pollo in Sardinia, Italy.

Around a dozen holidaymakers cautiously approached the struggling beast and dragged it onto the sand by its tail fin.


Several men then sat on the sea creature, who appeared to be in pain and was extremely docile, while others slowly pulled out the metal hook.

The shark was then dragged back into the water and pointed out to sea.

It made no attempt to attack any of its rescuers, and remained in the surrounding area for several minutes before eventually fleeing.


“It was almost like it was saying thank you,” one eyewitness told local media.
The exact breed of shark is not known.

But footage of the rescue was later uploaded online and soon went viral.


(Pictures credited to CEN)

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