Brave landlord stops cashpoint ram-raid by stopping robbers with his BMW car

Tony Hughes and his wrecked BMW (SWNS)

A ram-raid on a cash machine was thwarted after a have-a-go-hero used his BMW to chase away the robbers – which was left written off.

Tony Hughes’ £25000 BMW 135i vehicle was left a wreck after he crashed into the robbers to bash them away.

But his bravery meant the gang had to flee the scene without the cash machine, which was believed to contain up to £120,000 in cash.

He leapt into action after he heard the raiders demolishing part of a Lloyds Bank across the river from his pub in the early hours of Friday morning.

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Tony, landlord of the Kingsbridge Inn in Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos, said: “It was about 3.30am or 3.45am when I got up to use the toilet, and I could hear what sounded like a JCB at a building site.

“I looked out of our window and couldn’t see too much, but I could see the cash machine had been smashed.”

Mr Hughes told his wife Siobhan to call the police while he leapt into his car and rove towards the bank.

The landlord said he was confronted by a Range Rover Freelander that was blocking the road, which then drove towards him.

He then put his car into reverse as the Freelander continued to be driven into the BMW – which he believes was to ensure that he could not pursue the criminals as they drove off.

The aftermath of the raid (SWNS)

Mr Hughes described the experience as “terrifying”, saying, “It was like bumper cars or dodgems.”

His car – which is, ironically, insured with Lloyds – has been completely written off.

Explaining his spontaneous decision, Mr Hughes said: “This is the final cash machine in the village, after the other two that we used to have were attacked in a similar way and have not been replaced.

“It’s important for local traders and the removal of this last facility will hurt local trade.”

He couldn’t see how many men were involved in the attempted theft, but the pub’s chef who was also awake claims to have seen up to five people.

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