Brazen motorist caught in M25 tailbacks called 999 for police escort to avoid missing flight

Sean Morrison
Brazen: A frustrated motorist called 999 and asked for a police escort after being caught up in the tailbacks: @SurreyRoadCops

A frustrated motorist stuck in traffic after a crash on the M25 called 999 asking for a police escort to avoid missing his flight.

Drivers were caught up in 15-mile-long tailbacks after the “multi-vehicle” crash sparked chaos during the start of the Easter getaway.

Huge queues lasted all day on the southern clockwise section between junction 8 at Reigate and junction 9 in Leatherhead following last Thursday’s collision.

Amid the chaos, in a bold attempt at catching his flight on time, one driver called the emergency services and asked for an escort.

He called 999 about one hour after the crash, in which a car was upended in the middle of the motorway, at about 10am.

Head of the Surrey Police Contact Centre Sarah Durston said the call was a perfect example of when the emergency number is not used correctly.

She added: “This caller who did not have an emergency may have prevented someone else who was in danger from getting through to us.

“This presents a real risk to our ability to respond to genuine emergency calls. The 999 number must only be used for situations where a crime is actually in progress or someone is in danger.

“Calling us on 101 does not change the police response you would get in a non-emergency situation and using the right number could literally save someone's life.”

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