Breaking dad! Aaron Paul wins Comic Con as he dresses his baby daughter in hazmat suit

Lizzie Edmonds
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The cast of cult TV series Breaking Bad reunited in San Diego to celebrate the show’s 10-year anniversary — with a tiny special guest.

Bryan Cranston, who played drug-dealing chemistry teacher Walter White, Anna Gunn, who played his wife Skyler, and Aaron Paul, better known as his sidekick Jesse Pinkman, came together at Comic-Con to discuss the multi award-winning show’s legacy.

Paul, 38, brought his baby daughter Story on stage in a hazmat suit, a costume synonymous with the show.

He and Cranston, 62, also filmed a skit to mark the anniversary, set in the show’s RV meth lab. They joke that Cranston has been living there since the end of the show five years ago.

Special guest: There's a new addition to the iconic cast (Getty Images)

He is thrilled at the idea of a Breaking Bad revival. “It’ll be just like Roseanne!” he exclaims. “Without the racism.” A trailer for the latest series of spin-off Better Call Saul was also played.

Elsewhere at the event, Jodie Whittaker made her first appearance as the new star of Doctor Who.

Iconic: Aaron Paul's baby wins Comic Con (

She said casting a woman as the Doctor was “inevitable”, adding: “It’s 2018. It’s the direction that [the show] was always going to go in.”

She said: "Obviously, it’s the first time there has been a female Doctor. But the Doctor is regenerated every time ... so there is only a slight difference.

“It’s such an exciting world to be in. It’s brand new every single day for me. There is no role I have ever played that has, or will ever, come close to this. It’s an absolute joy."