Vera's Brenda Blethyn 'stunt double' fools fans as ITV drama films in Blyth

A Vera fan was left disappointed on Monday, when he thought he was about to come face to face with lead star Brenda Blethyn, only to realise the person he was shouting over to was actually her stunt double.

Every time the cast and crew of the hit ITV drama come back to the North East to film there is huge interest from locals and this time round has been no different, with interest heightened in production, given the news last week that Vera series 14 will be the last time viewers get to see Brenda as alter ego DCI Stanhope, as the show airs its final two episodes.

Filming on the feature length mysteries got going on Monday, when Brenda and co-star David Leon were seen filming scenes in Cambois, before Vera's famous Land Rover was then clocked in the vicinity of Blyth beach. And it was in Blyth that local resident Liam Lavender thought he was just metres away from Brenda, with him filming on his phone as he shouted over to her, only to realise as she got further away from him that the person wasn't Brenda at all.

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Liam did end up managing to catch a glimpse of Brenda, seeing her in the Land Rover being filmed on the move to a different location

Uploading his footage to TikTok, Liam told his followers: "I've just saved myself from total embarrassment on Blyth beach. Vera is filming over here and I've just walked past 'Vera,' Brenda...guess what? It was her body double baby! Last second I pulled away from talking to her. That would have been the most embarrassing thing in the world!"

Liam's video quickly got plenty of reaction, with one of his followers replying: "Mate you shouted Vera in the ‘Shearer chant’ love it!!!!" and a second commenting: "she filmed in my mams old street a few years back"