Brenda Edwards emotional as she remembers late son on Loose Women

The TV presenter said life had been a 'rollercoaster' since her son's death

Watch: Brenda Edwards emotional as she marks anniversary of son's death

Brenda Edwards was emotional as she told how she believes her late son Jamal has sent her signs following his death.

The Loose Women star’s son died in February last year aged 31, and a coroner later ruled the cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia following cocaine use.

Jamal gained fame after setting up the music platform SBTV in 2006 and was credited with helping to launch a string of UK music acts to stardom, including Ed Sheeran, Dave and Jessie J.

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Marking the anniversary on the ITV show on Thursday, Edwards and her fellow panellists Judi Love, Charlene White and Kelle Bryan all wore blue, which was the music entrepreneur and Chelsea fan's favourite colour.

Brenda and Jamal Edwards on Loose Women. (ITV)
Brenda and Jamal Edwards on Loose Women. (ITV)

A special documentary made by Edwards and her daughter was also played, in which the TV star said life had been "a massive rollercoaster" since her son's death.

Talking about how she saw signs, she said: "When he passed we kept seeing things on the telly and people may says, 'Oh it's because this has happened' but I'd see things, something we've never watched and then all of a sudden somebody is saying the name Jamal."

Brenda Edwards and her co-stars wore blue. (Loose Women Instagram)
Brenda Edwards and her co-stars wore blue. (Loose Women Instagram)

"It was just kicking us, as we'd say his name something would come up," she went on.

The TV star also told how when she did a show with Katherine Jenkins the video showed what looked like a "green orb" floating over her outfit.

Edwards said on another occasion a fox followed her and seemed to try and play with her, which she thought odd as when Jamal had started out using a video camera he filmed foxes.

Jamal Edwards died at the age of 31. (PA)
Jamal Edwards died at the age of 31. (PA)

"I was talking to it and people said to give it some food so I gave it some of my cat food to, you know, mother look after child," she explained.

"I was talking to it and I said, 'People are saying you are Jamal, are you Jamal?' and when I said his name that's when it got up and walked away."

Edwards said she saw it as an acknowledgment of him seeing that she was feeling down and "he came and brought the fox spirit for me".

Ed Sheeran pays emotional tribute to 'brother' Jamal Edwards
Ed Sheeran and Jamal Edwards were close. (Ed Sheeran Instagram)

Edwards, 53, also opened up about how touched she was by the song Sheeran recently dedicated to Jamal, who he was very close to.

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"The whole piece that Ed wrote stuck with me," she said.

"Just because it was so raw and so true."

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