'Brexit Destroyer': How the front pages reacted to Bercow's intervention

Stephanie Ayako Karaki Harris

John Bercow thwarted the chance of another Commons vote on the Prime Minister’s deal before Thursday’s EU summit, ruling she could not bring her EU Withdrawal Agreement back before MPs unless it was substantially different from the package that was defeated last week.

The Daily Mail’s headline read: “Smirk that says: Brexit be damned.”

It attacks the Speaker for what it calls “anti-Brexit prejudice”, and says losing the chance to back Mrs May’s deal would be “a perversion of our democracy”.

The Daily Express takes a similarly firm stance, running with the headline “The Brexit Destroyer” on its front page.

Britain’s leading paper The Sun also criticises Mr Bercow for the ruling, and says a third vote is “arguably in the public interest”.

Meanwhile, The Times says the Government’s Brexit strategy was further blown apart by Mr Bercow’s announcement.

It suggests Mr Bercow had “succeeded in doing something that has until now proved impossible: he has managed to unite both sides of the Brexit divide”.

“More drama lies ahead”, warns the Daily Telegraph, as it says Mr Bercow’s intervention gave the Brexit plot “yet another twist”.

“As things stand, though, Mrs May’s deal is effectively dead and the UK is leaving the EU next week,” it adds.