Brexit resignations are 'an organised conspiracy'

A series of resignations was described as a 'conspiracy': NurPhoto via Getty Images

A series of resignations by junior ministerial aides was denounced as “an organised conspiracy” carried out by senior Brexiteers today.

Scott Mann became the fourth to quit in protest at the Chequers plan. The North Cornwall MP said he would not “deliver a watered down Brexit”.

He was PPS to Treasury Chief Secretary Liz Truss who raised eyebrows by tweeting a sad-faced emoji praising him as “a great PPS” and recalling a “rocking Cornwall visit last week. Sad to see you go”.

A Remain-backing minister said: “These are not resignations - this is an organised conspiracy.

“Ministers are holding onto their jobs by sending others over the top.

“Why don’t they show some courage, resign and have the fight they’re spoiling for?”