Brexit Party condemns claims milkshake attack on army veteran was faked

Jon Sharman

The Brexit Party has hit out at “bad faith” conspiracy claims that images of an elderly campaigner covered in milkshake were faked.

Images spread on social media during the European parliament elections of an elderly Brexit Party activist covered in a pink substance.

Former soldier Don MacNaughton, 81, told The Sun he was “curled up laughing” after a “childish” man in his early 20s attacked him with a milkshake on Thursday – in an echo of similar assaults on Nigel Farage, Carl Benjamin and Tommy Robinson.

Mr Farage called the incident, which happened outside a polling station in Aldershot, Hampshire, ”disgusting”.

Some social media users claimed the assault had been faked.

Former New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell said images of Mr MacNaughton had been posted “without any evidence of the actual act”.

He added: “Therefore no idea who, what, where, when whether, nothing re the circs. In my experience, chuckers and egg-splatterers film themselves because they are self-indulgent plonkers.”

Another Twitter user said he believed the pink substance was actually yoghurt.

But on Friday a Brexit Party spokesman said in a statement to The Independent: “Claims like these seem to come from Alastair Campbell, a man whose career and actions make him doubt everybody else’s sincerity.

“It must be miserable for those who assume that everybody, including an 81-year-old former Para, is acting in bad faith."