Scotland will one day rejoin the EU, SNP MEP insists

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon with SNP European election candidate Christian Allard during a visit to J Charles Ltd seafood processing plant in Aberdeen. Christian Allard worked at J Charles Ltd for 25 years exporting seafood to the continent, before he entered politics.
Christian Allard, pictured with first minister Nicola Sturgeon, said that Scotland would one day rejoin the EU (PA)

With less than three weeks to go until Brexit, the SNP are already looking ahead to rejoining the EU.

During the European Parliament plenary session on Wednesday morning, outgoing SNP MEP Christian Allard declared that his country would not be out of the bloc forever.

He said in his speech: “When the people of Scotland voted to remain in Europe we meant it.

“Trust us to continue to promote outward-looking, internationalist European values. Those values are firmly at the heart of our vision for Scotland.

“This confidence is needed because we are under a populist attack.

“Politics doesn't stand still, we either go forward or we go backwards. This confidence is the way forward for all member states, including future member states.

“Scotland is a future member state.”

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The SNP are fighting to hold a second independence referendum in the wake of Brexit, but Boris Johnson has rejected Nicola Sturgeon’s plea.

Scotland's first minister wrote to the Tory leader days after his victory in last month's general election claiming there was a "democratic case" for a fresh vote on the constitution.

But her call for the powers to hold such a vote to be transferred to Holyrood was flatly rejected by Mr Johnson, who claimed a second ballot on independence would lead to continued "political stagnation" in Scotland.

Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon launches the party's election campaign bus, featuring a portrait of herself, at Port Edgar Marina in the town of South Queensferry, Scotland, before setting off on a tour of Scotland for the final week of the SNP's General Election campaign, Thursday Dec. 5, 2019. The independence of Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom is not on the ballot, but it's uppermost on the minds of many voters here as they make their final choices ahead of the national election next week. (Jane Barlow/PA via AP)
Scotland voted to remain in the EU and the SNP have campaigned to stop Brexit (AP)

Ms Sturgeon, who has previously refused to rule out legal action in a bid to force a second independence vote, said the Scottish Government would set out the next steps it will take before the end of January.

Scots voted by 55% to 45% to stay in the UK in a referendum in 2014, while 62% voted to remain in 2016’s EU referendum.

Ms Sturgeon said the PM's stance was "not surprising" as she claimed the Tories were "terrified of Scotland having the right to choose our own future”.

Patrick Harvie, co-leader of the pro-independence Scottish Green Party, said: "It is absolutely appalling that we are to be ripped from the EU against our will and utterly undemocratic that we are being denied a say on our future.”

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