Brexit: Theresa May urged to hold Final Say referendum as nearly 100 elected student leaders sign joint letter

Almost 100 student leaders, representing 825,000 students across the country, have signed a letter calling on the government to hold a Final Say Brexit referendum, The Independent can reveal.

Elected representatives from 46 students' unions from across the country have signed an open letter to parliamentarians, warning that "any politician that facilitates Brexit will be risking the support of young people and students".

The letter, which was co-ordinated by youth campaign For our Future's Sake (FFS), sends a warning shot to MPs across the political spectrum who are considering backing Theresa May’s Brexit deal without giving people a Final Say.

The Independent launched a campaign calling for a Final Say referendum last year and the petition has so far been signed by 1.2 million people.

The letter comes days before the Put It To The People march, which will take place in London on 23 March – just six days before the UK is meant to leave the European Union.

A similar rally in October attracted almost 700,000 people and hundreds of thousands are expected to take to the streets once again.

FFS are urging MPs to join the march to “show their support for young people" and Erica Ramos, vice-president of business and law at Middlesex University Students' Union and supporter of FFS, said Brexit was a “generation defining issue”.

"We know now that the promises made by the Brexit Elite in 2016 have been entirely and repeatedly broken, and that the views of young people have been consistently ignored,” Ms Ramos said.

“For the students I'm elected to represent, their views are clear - they want politicians to support a People's Vote, and allow them a say on their futures. That's why we will be at the 'Put it to the People' march with hundreds of thousands of other people, to make our voices heard."

Bella Frimpong, student mobilisation co-ordinator for FFS, said young people would face the consequences of Brexit for the longest period.

“That's why over the last year, we've mobilised in 100 different youth-led organisations to call for a People's Vote - and why 23 March, thousands of young people will descend on Parliament to demand that they put it to the people,” Ms Frimpong said.

For more details about the Put It To The People march – and to sign up – please visit

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