'Brilliant' garden weeding hack for block paving helps nature 'kill them' for you

While not harmful, weeds can be seriously irritating, and get you furiously searching how to get rid of them (stock image)
One man has shared his 'brilliant' garden weeding hack for block paving -Credit:Getty Images

As the UK is currently basking in a sunny spell, many of us are spending more time sprucing up our gardens.

Part of this springtime refresh involves planting new blooms and revamping our outdoor areas. However, any gardening enthusiast knows the troubling struggle with stubborn weeds.

These unwelcome plants can rapidly proliferate, spoiling our carefully curated aesthetics and depriving our flowers and shrubs of much-needed water and nutrients.

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Weeds can be notably troublesome when they invade your patio grout lines. Nevertheless, an inspired gardener has divulged a straightforward solution to eliminate them using a staple item most likely already present in your pantry.

On TikTok, a self-professed green thumb, known as @im_no_gardner, dispenses valuable advice and handy hacks for budding horticulturists. In one recent post, he detailed a simple method for removing weeds from brickwork, gravel, and pebble surfaces using bicarbonate of soda.

His recommendation? Purchase a large 25-kilogram bag from Amazon for just £32, though smaller packets are available from £6.99.

The passionate outdoor enthusiast explained: "If you put this [the soda] down on a hot, sunny day with very little wind, what will happen is plants will absorb it as they get damp when it starts to rain because they're thirsty and because it's been sunny."

"That's nature's way of killing it [the weeds]."

The gardener demonstrated his gardening hack, showing off his paving covered in baking soda between each stone. He elaborated: "Because it's killed them naturally, the roots and everything will stay in the gaps, preventing anything else from growing. It's environmentally friendly, it's safe for wildlife, it's safe for pets, and it's safe for children."

The TikTok user cautioned that those trying out the method should be wary not to track the bicarbonate of soda into their homes or onto flower beds. His video has garnered over 28,000 likes and a flurry of comments.

One person commented: "I've just spent three hours on my knees weeding the brick paving in one area. Might have to try this for another section."

While another exclaimed: "I love this. Someone else remarked: "Great post, I've been looking for a remedy and I love this idea. Perfect my friend, thank you so much." While another TikTok user hailed the tip as "brilliant".

"Will give this a go," said another commenter. While someone else praised: "The man is a genius."