Bristol Airport cancels all Jet2 flights to Greek island

Lalaria is situated on the north-eastern tip of Skiathos. All flights there from Jet2 have been cancelled today
Only reachable by boat from the port of the capital, Lalaria is situated on the north-eastern tip of the island. -Credit:Getty

Jet2 has issued a warning to passengers not to head to the airport as flights to a Greek island have been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. The airline announced that all flights scheduled for today, Friday May 10, to Skiathos, a popular destination served from Bristol, Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds Bradford, London Stansted, Newcastle and Manchester airports, are cancelled and will be rescheduled.

In a statement,Jet2 said: "If you are travelling to Skiathos today, please do not travel to the airport. If you have already travelled to the airport, if possible, we would advise you to return home and come back to the airport 3 hours before your new departure time tomorrow.

"If it is not possible to make your way home, please speak to a member of our friendly Red team at the airport who will be happy to help."

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The airline further advised those unable to return home to seek assistance from their Red team at the airport. Jet2 also confirmed it is reaching out to passengers on Skiathos who were due to fly back today.

The airline added: "We apologise for this change that is unfortunately beyond our control, if you are due to travel to Skiathos today, we have sent all details of the change and your options to your email address on the booking."

"It is rare for our schedules to be disrupted like this and although this change is beyond our control, we understand it will disrupt your plans at last minute and have done everything that we can to ensure we operate as soon as possible and minimise the delay."

"We have a huge team working hard behind the scenes at our UK-based HQ that are monitoring the situation and on behalf of us all, we are sorry again for the inconvenience this delay brings."