Britain First Leader slammed for posting video of Pakistani cricket fans and claiming they were celebrating 'Paris terror attack'

Golding’s original controversial post (Twitter)

The leader of far-right group Britain First is under fire after posting a video of joyous Pakistani cricket fans and falsely claiming they were celebrating last night’s attack in Paris.

Paul Golding posted the video with the message: “Oh look, a crowd of ‘moderate’ Muslims celebrating the Paris terror attack in London.”

But, in fact, the video showed Pakistan cricket fans celebrating during the 2009 20/20 World Cup, which was held in England. Pakistan won the tournament.

The message was angrily and quickly exposed as false by many on the social media site.


Twitters users were quick to point out his error (Twitter)

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And he was slammed by social media users, some accusing him of spreading hate.

Despite requests from some online, Yahoo understands that Twitter does not plan to remove Mr Golding’s ‘blue tick’ verifying his account.

This is because they regard it as a means of identifying him, not confirming the accuracy of what he claims.

Golding’s tweet was quickly exposed as false (Twitter)

Despite the fact that the video shows happy sports fans, Golding has not removed the tweet, even though it has been pointed out to him his mistake.

The message has been retweeted over 600 times, but not many of the remarks left are complimentary.

Many accused Golding – who shot to fame last year, by turning his back on newly-elected London mayor Sadiq Khan, the capital’s first Muslim mayor, during his victory speech – of being racist.

Some social media users urged him to take the message down (Twitter)

Others asked why he had posted it in the first place and yet more why he had not taken it down when it had been pointed out to him it was wrong.

Other messages were far more abusive.

The footage shows celebrating cricket fans at Tooting Broadway tube station.

In the attack in Paris, a gunman shot dead one policeman and injuted two others on the French capital’s famous Champs Elysees.

The gunman was killed by security forces.