Britain’s Got Talent 2017: six must-see auditions in Episode 2, from the Ant & Dec musical to dancers Just Us

Ben Travis
Golden Buzzer: Alesha Dixon has taken Just Us straight through to the final: Thames / Syco Entertainment

After last week’s show-stopping Dreamgirls performance from Sarah Ikumu, Britain’s Got Talent came back with a bang.

Things didn’t slow down in Episode 2, with plenty more jaw-dropping performances.

Here are six acts you need to see.

1) Simon Cowell

Yes, you read that right – Simon Cowell auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent! Just not the one you think.

This guy was a 47 year-old IT analyst – and his name was more interesting than his talent, balancing spoons on his face.

It seems there’s only room for one Simon Cowell on this show.

2) Charley Dyson

Now this is variety – a daredevil 9-year-old who pulls off some gnarly (is that still what the kids say?) tricks on his scooter.

The final backflip is especially impressive – a refreshing change from singers and dancers.

3) Issy Simpson

This eight year-old isn’t old enough to have received her Hogwarts letter yet – but she’s a real Hermione Granger, and has already been brushing up on her magic skills.

Her book-based trick wasn’t the easiest to follow, but Issy was a true showperson.

4) Reuben Gray

This audition had it all. 16 year-old Reuben performed an original song, an apology to his girlfriend who he ‘didn’t treat right’.

To make things even more emotional, Gray’s dad – who works overseas for nine months of the year – surprised him by popping up in the audience, and teared up during the song.

5) Just Us

Five-piece dance group nabbed the second Golden Buzzer of the auditions, this time from Alesha Dixon.

Not only did they put in a great routine, but there was added emotion - 15 year-old Julia in the group suffers from scoliosis (curvature of the spine), and will soon have surgery that means she won’t be able to dance any more.

6) Jonny Awsum

Living up to his name, Jonny Awsum gave a hugely fun audition – a comedy and music spectacular, roping in Ant and Dec for an on-the-fly musical.

It was no half-baked affair either - Awsum's number had its own dance moves, props, plenty of gags, and a decidedly catchy cook that instantly charmed the panel. It was four yeses from the judges – and you’ll be humming his song for days.

ITV, 8pm

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