Britain’s Got Talent viewers slam Bruno over golden buzzer decision saying he was ‘influenced’

Taryn Charles on Britain's Got Talent
Taryn Charles on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:Britain's Got Talent / ITV

Britain’s Got Talent viewers questioned judge Bruno Tonioli’s decision to hit the golden buzzer during Saturday night’s episode of the ITV show. It came after teacher Taryn Charles wowed the audience with her audition.

The 39-year-old, who works with children with special needs, sang ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’ by Aretha Franklin. She went onto the stage visibly nervous, but with the judge’s encouragement she began singing.

Her vocals immediately impressed the judges and audience alike, with Amanda saying she had goosebumps. At the end she received two standing ovations from the audience .

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Then everyone in the audience was chanting for the judges to press the golden buzzer. Bruno looked around at the crowd before leaning in and slamming the golden button, with gold confetti pouring down on Taryn. Afterwards he went on stage to hug her and he said “that was incredible…thank you.”

Taryn Charles on Britain's Got Talent
Taryn Charles on Britain's Got Talent -Credit:Britain's Got Talent / ITV

Amanda said: “You are so down to earth, and then you knocked it out of the park. I can see how much it meant to you.” Bruno said: “The colour of your voice is unique and you’re a very special person my darling.” Simon added: “I could see you were nervous and thought it was going to be very good, and then you started singing and this is how people should sing. It’s proper singing.”

He then added that it was ‘brilliant’ that Bruno had pressed the golden buzzer. The audience started chanting Bruno as Taryn left the stage.

Many fans taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, were equally impressed with the performance. @KirstieYallop said: “The best golden buzzer pick I’ve ever seen” while @_annconnor wrote: “I was in the audience for Taryn, she was AMAZING! Golden buzzer very well deserved.”

But others felt that Bruno was swayed by the audience. @Lisalisey87 said: “It bugs me that the judges don't seem to have their own minds when it comes to the golden buzzer. Bruno was totally influenced by the crowd” another said: “Here goes Bruno pressing the buzzer for every single act.”@Ginger_Ninja27 added: “Well that was such a build up to a golden buzzer - obvious”

@jomckay1978 said: “So we are only on episode 4 and have already had all the golden buzzers #BritainsGotTalent Makes it a bit pointless watching the rest.”

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