Britain’s Loneliest Dog Wants Forever Home After Being Overlooked By 15,000 People

Britain’s loneliest dog is desperately searching for her forever home - after being overlooked by more than 15,000 people.

Maxine the Lurcher is the longest-staying animal the Dogs Trust has ever had on its books after arriving at the charity as a puppy.

She’s now almost 5-years old and, while waiting to be adopted, a staggering 5,000 dogs have been rehomed by the charity during her stay.

When she arrived at the centre Kate Middleton was yet to be Duchess, the London Olympics hadn’t been held, Beagle 2 was still on its way to Mars and One Direction hadn’t had a single number one.

Maxine didn’t have the best start in life after she came to the rehoming centre as a stray.

But despite her sad beginnings, she absolutely adores humans, with staff at the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, Warks., baffled as to why adopters are not showing any interest in her.

The Dogs Trust today appealed for someone to come forward to give Maxine a ‘forever home’.

Sabrina Holder, Dogs Trust Kenilworth adoption advisor, said: “I know I shouldn’t have favourites but Maxine is such a gentle, fun loving dog that I have a real soft spot for her.

"Her new owners will need to be very patient and prepared to help her settle into a home after spending so long in Kennels.

"I can’t believe she has been so unlucky to have been overlooked over all this time by so many potential owners when she is such a fantastic dog.”

Maxine loves her home comforts so her carers are desperate to see her finally experience life in a loving home where she can do what she enjoys - curling up on the sofa with her cuddly toys and someone to give her plenty of fuss and attention.

The Lurcher would prefer to be the only dog in the home and, due to her energy, would only be able to live with older children.

Sabrina added: “Maxine is full of fun, she is very loving & affectionate and adores playing with her toys.

"Although I will really miss her I know the right home is out there for her and I just hope this will finally be the year in which she finds it.”

(All pictures credited to SWNS)

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