Tractors in disabled bays and cars in HEDGES: 'Edinburgh's Worst Drivers' shamed in poor parking online gallery

A social media page has shamed some of the worst drivers in Britain by posting pictures of their disastrous parking attempts

Tractors in disabled bays, drivers marooned on kerbs and a car in a hedge - these are the motorists who’ve been shamed for some of the worst parking in Britain.

Parking calamities have been posted online in a gallery which lists ‘Edinburgh’s worst drivers’.

The ‘snap-and-shame’ website gets thousands of hits a month as furious drivers send in pictures of their dozy fellow road users.

One selfish Scottish farmer was snapped leaving his tractor in a disabled parking bay.

Another driver ended up marooned on a kerb when he took a non-existent left turn in the road.

One hapless motorist even went through a hedge at Fort Kinnaird, while a bus parked on the city's Princes Street left shoppers bewildered.

The unnamed 30-year-old dad-of-two who made the site said he did so to make the Scottish capital's streets safer.

He said:  'I started the site because I want the roads to be safer for my kids when they grow up.

'But on this evidence, it doesn't look like that will be happening any time soon.'

The Scottish security officer, who asked not to be named,  added: 'I went through all the photos that had been uploaded and went by the amount of likes they had been given.

'The one at number one I think is my favourite, it deserves to be there - you can't be disabled and be climbing in and out of a tractor.

'Some people try to defend the drivers in these pictures and they are probably the ones who are the worst drivers, on the site they are called the naysayers.'


A white van driver shamelessly parks across a double yellow line in the Scottish capital. (SWNS)
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Fri, Jan 3, 2014 10:00 GMT
'We've had the equivalent of 20 submissions a week. I'll definitely be continuing it this year.'

He also claimed taxi drivers were regularly the worst offenders.

[Angry mum-of-three shames #stupidparking motorists outside school gates by posting pics of their cars on Twitter] 

But Brian MacDowall of the Association of British Motorists insisted most drivers are sensible, adding that Edinburgh's Worst Drivers was in 'poor taste'.

He said: 'There is always going to be a very small minority of hardcore idiots out there, but the vast majority drive safely.'