Britain's Got Talent act says 'I'm not actually auditioning' during elaborate prank

Ant and Dec getting pranked on Britain's Got Talent
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Britain's Got Talent judges Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli were left shocked along with the studio audience and presenters Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly after a "contestant" pulled a prank with the help of Simon Cowell on Sunday night. As the audition stage came to an end, Simon revealed one more act would be taking to the stage.

Viewers at home were then introduced to a "baker" called Dave backstage, as he told cameras the real reason he was there. He explained: "My name's Dave, I'm 38 and I'm not actually auditioning today because Simon wants to get his own back on Ant and Dec as they've been playing pranks on him and everyone else for years."

As Simon met Dave backstage and shook his hand, he told him: "You've got to be the best actor in the world. Really play it up." Explaining the elaborate prank to viewers, Dave said: "I'm going to be pretending to Ant and Dec that I'm a baker and it's my lifelong dream to break a record for the most custard pies being thrown at me in one minute. Ant and Dec are going to help me out, and it's all going to go wrong and it's all going to be their fault."

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Before he went on stage, Dave met with Ant and Dec and shared family pictures as he told them about his history with the Custard Pies Society. He said: We're part of the Custard Pies Society, that's my dad. My dad used to have the record, and then someone else broke it so I'm winning it back."

Ant and Dec were really enthused about Dave's attempt at the record until he explained that he'd need their help breaking it. "So I want you guys to be throwing the pies," he said, as Dec responded: "Us two? That's quite a bit of pressure."

On stage, it became quite clear that the rest of the panel had no idea it was set up, as Dave introduced himself and said: "I work in a bakery, I'm a baker... so the record I'm trying to break today is the most custard pies thrown at the face in one minute. My dad used to have this record and he had it for years, but we've lost it, so I'm here to win it back for the family."

"This is quite serious for you then?" Simon said, as Dave responded: "It means a lot to me and Dad if you're watching, I've got this."

Waiting for their moment in the wings, Dec said: "Feeling the pressure a bit here, the family's honour's at stake and we're the ones flinging the pies." Dave then introduced an official adjudicator who explained the current record was 36 pies in one minute, and added: "From a rules perspective, the persons throwing the pies must keep a 1.5 metre distance as indicated by the line."

After throwing as many pies as they could, the results were in as the adjudicator said: "The current record is 36 pies, the results of this attempt have been counted and verified and I can reveal that in the one-minute period the number of custard pies thrown was... 44."

Elated, Ant and Dec began to cheer before the adjudicator revealed there had been a rule break. He said: "However, Anthony stepped over the throw line, which means the record attempt is null and void."

Ant and Dec looked absolutely devastated and the audience began booing before Simon appeared on stage and smashed a pie in the presenting duo's faces, revealing that the whole act had been an elaborate prank. You can keep up to date with the latest TV and showbiz news by signing up to the newsletter here.