Britain's Got Talent Bobby Goldfinn's 'famous' identity rumbled after ITV audition fail

Britain's Got Talent's Bobby Goldfinn
Britain's Got Talent's Bobby Goldfinn -Credit:ITV

Britain's Got Talent viewers claim to have 'rumbled' the fact that much talked about auditionee Bobby Goldfinn is already famous, after his appearances on the show caused a stir over the weekend.

Seventeen years after its ITV debut and nearly year after it was last on screens, BGT was back on Saturday night and one of the hopefuls who got everyone talking was Bobby. In a show that saw Amanda Holden hit the Golden Buzzer for singer Sydnie Christmas and Ant and Dec also sending an act straight through to the semi finals, Bobby got a huge reaction for the wrong reasons.

Bobby's journey on Britain's Got Talent got off to the worst possible start when he failed to get his first joke to land and got four red crosses from the judges. However, seemingly undeterred by that early setback, Bobby then appeared on stage for a second time, using the 'excuse' that he 'couldn't remember' he'd been voted off, due to goldfish's short memories.

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And, while Simon Cowell and his BGT colleagues seemed far from impressed, viewers online couldn't help but feel bad for Bobby, with theories quickly emerging that the man behind the mask was someone already famous in his own right. The number one candidate for the star inside the Bobby Goldfin costume is an amateur comedian from Massachusetts called Bobby Finn, who has 335K followers on Instagram and 649.1K on TikTok.

However, as they watched Bobby Goldfin come unstuck on Saturday night, other Britain's Got Talent viewers were convinced that the fishy character was none other than last year's champion Viggo Venn. Making the call on X, one wrote: "Bobby Goldfin has to be Viggo!!!" as another posted: "Bobby Goldfin is Viggo Venn innit"