Britain's Got Talent descends into chaos as Simon Cowell is pelted with food during strange audition

Chaos ensued during Saturday's instalment of Britain's Got Talent, as opera singer Natalie Chouette performed a strange audition. Speaking to judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli before her act, Natalie explained that she hoped to fulfil her dream of singing in the UK.

She then invited the judges to a dinner table with food on the stage behind her, adding: "May I invite you all to have a meal with me on stage?" As she stared singing, the judges started making their way to the stage, with hosts Ant and Dec even having their ow mini table backstage.

But things soon turned sour, when Natalie began throwing food from the table at the judges - particularly Mr Cowell, tipping a whole plate of spaghetti on his head. Waiters then joined Natalie on stage, tipping pans of spaghetti over the remaining judges while Alesha ad Amanda made their escape - but the final part of the audition witnessed even more food fall from the top of the stage, leaving viewers in-house and watching around the world stunned.

The Mirror reports that seeing the funny side, Amanda and Alesha ran back on stage with pepper grinders, seasoning Simon and Bruno - before Simon chased his co-judges with a bowl of spaghetti and a laughing Ant and Dec. When the dust had settled, Simon belted everyone's red buzzer, while Amanda exclaimed: "This is chaos!"

Addressing Natalie, Simon asked: "What was that? Why did you do that?" while sarcastically pointing out that the 'singing was good'. In response, the act said: "I always tease people I really love."

Amanda said: "I'm sending you the dry cleaning bill!" while Simon tried to throw more food at her before addressing the audience himself. He said: "I actually don't know what to say, thank you all for coming... you've been amazing, stay safe everyone. Lots of love, I'm now going to have a shower!"