Britain's Got Talent is really grinding viewers' gears with an editing decision

They're being tortured by a constant stream of The Greatest Showman songs.

Britain's Got Talent boss and panelist Simon Cowell. (ITV screenshot)
Britain's Got Talent boss and panelist Simon Cowell. (ITV screenshot)

Britain's Got Talent is being lambasted for its endless plundering of The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Returning to ITV after a one-day delay tonight (12 May), the latest episode of the long-running format was haunted by its euphoric audio edit on social media, with seething fans begging for a splash of creativity from the BGT makers after years of the same output.

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The Greatest Showman has one of the most popular soundtracks of all-time. (20th Century Fox)

The talent show's latest excursion to the musical land of Hugh Jackman's PT Barnum accompanied the rousing climax to an audition from Mexican aerialist Itzel Salvatierra, who hung from a giant hoop with just her neck after various acrobatic twists.

'This Is Me', sang by Keala Settle in the beloved movie's soundtrack, was the generic choice of backing audio from the editors, and they were truly punished for it on the social site X.

"Genuinely think this programme is sponsored by the greatest showman at this point, the soundtrack is CONSTANT," wrote one BGT fan.

Another sick-to-death user went on to ask: "Can't they play any other song then the Greatest Showman as background music? [sic]."

Sunday's episode wasn't exactly the most positively received of the 2024 episodes, with the opening act also taking a bit of a pasting from viewers.

Collectively known as Amasing, this school choir was invited to perform onstage by Simon Cowell and Bruno Tonioli in a heartwarming VT that involved the pair surprising the kids in their school hall by breaking out of a big gift box.

Fast forward to their special routine, though, and it was like being thrown to the social media wolves.

"One thing more annoying than a choir is a choir of screaming kids" and "For once, why can't one of the judges tell a kids choir that they're terrible? Stop bloody lying to them," read two of the messages.

Britain's Got Talent resumes next weekend on ITV and ITVX.