Britain's Got Talent: Ned Woodman's DAD wrote his scathing comic routine

Britain’s Got Talent returned to our screens with a bang last night, with the show kicking off with eight-year-old Ned Woodman’s scathing comedy routine.

The Maidstone schoolboy left viewers and the live studio audience stunned when he delivered harsh one-liners about the BGT judges, including calling Amanda Holden a dog.

Ned’s dad is thought to have written the script.

However, Amanda has now hinted that it was actually Ned’s dad who wrote the script, quipping that he should be performing his own material on the show.

As it happens, Ned’s father, Liam Woodman, is an established, award-winning comic writer and works on Lee Mack’s BBC sitcom ‘Not Going Out’ – meaning that Ned no doubt got more than a little bit of a helping hand when writing his witty put-downs.

Speaking out, Amanda told The Sun: “I wasn’t annoyed at the boy.

The judges – and viewers – were stunned.

“I have got a sense of humour, but I think he should temper his act to his age.

“I had words with his parents on the day. I don’t think any parent would let their child say that.”

She went on to add: “[Ned] should do his own material.”


Liam Woodman is an award-winning comic writer, who has written for BBC sitcom Not Going Out.

And it wasn’t just Amanda who was dubious about where Ned sourced his material, with some viewers slamming Ned on social media for being allowed through when he didn’t write his own act:

Regardless, we have a feeling that Ned (and his dad) will be guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals later this year.

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