Quiz! Can you name these UK soaps from only three characters?

Quiz! Can you name these UK soaps from only three characters?

Soap operas have become a British institution - with Coronation Street celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2020.

Some soap fans are so caught up in the lives of their favourite onscreen families that they find it hard to differentiate between the fictional characters and the actors that play them.

While there are soaps that have come and gone over the years - such as Channel 4’s Liverpool-based soap Brookside or BBC ex-pat series Eldorado - others have been airing several times a week for decades, offering viewers a form of escapism they can depend on.

But how well do you know your Dingles from your Dixons and your Mitchell’s from your McQueens?

This ten question multiple-choice quiz will separate the dedicated soap superfans from the average TV viewers.

Test your soap knowledge by identifying the British soap from just three main character’s names.

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