British tourist, 23, facing 10 years in prison in Thailand after being caught on camera spray-painting graffiti

A British tourist is facing up to 10 years in a Thai prison after spray painting ‘Scouser Lee B’ on a wall.

Lee Furlong, 23, was arrested alongside Canadian Brittney Schneider, at a guest house in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. 

They are charged with vandalism after CCTV footage showed them spray-painting a 13th Century red brick wall near Tha Phae Gate.

CCTV shows the Briton and Canadian daubing the 13th Century wall in Chiang Mai with graffiti (Picture: Reuters)

The graffiti appears to read ‘Scouser Lee B’, in an apparent reference to Liverpool, though it’s not known if that is Lee Furlong’s home town.

Police said they face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.

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Police Major Anon Cherdchutrakulthong told Reuters that the pair had both admitted to the crime.

He said: “When people visit somewhere they should know not to [leave] graffiti.”