Britney Spears wears 'Free Britney' t-shirt ahead of conservatorship hearing

Watch: Britney Spears wears '#FreeBritney' t-shirt ahead of court hearing

Britney Spears donned a ‘#FreeBritney’ t-shirt as she geared up for what might be the final fight in her conservatorship battle.

The pop singer, 39, has been in the headlines for months over her bid to have the conservatorship ended after 13 years and a court in the US is expected to make the decision today (Friday, 12 November).

Fans have also been calling for her to be released from the guardianship, and their campaign sparked the #FreeBritney hashtag.

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On Friday morning, Spears’ fiancé Sam Asghari shared a video on Instagram showing the pair both in the tops.

The singer wants her legal guardianship ended. (Gtety)
The singer wants her legal guardianship ended. (Gtety)

Spears is dancing around in the white t-shirt, which is emblazoned with the '#FreeBritney' hashtag and the words “It’s a human rights movement” in red.

Asghari wears the black version of the top.

Hours earlier, the singer posted a message on her own Instagram page sharing her “pointers for life".

Her top tip was to “smile whenever you can even on the worst day ever” and she also told men: “You gotta keep your woman satisfied… if not there will be hell to pay.”

The star went on: “Go back to holding hands if you’re in a relationship and remember what a big deal that use to be when you were 13” and also advised that people should “never go to bed hungry” and should “sleep LOTS”, adding: "I mean, it is YOUR DREAM!!!"

The 'Toxic' singer said people should eat something sweet as “it keeps you happy” and urged her fans to laugh a lot, cry when they needed to and to not be afraid “to be foolish and randomly hug someone”.

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Sharing her last snippet of advice, Spears wrote: “Say your prayers.”