Brits are 'doomed' after clip shows how dirty UK water taps really are

Female researcher
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If you're a staunch defender of tap water, you might want to brace yourself, as Brits are squirming after glimpsing what it looks like under a microscope.

Brits are second-guessing their tap water habits after a viral TikTok by revealed the unsettling contents when magnified.

The mastermind behind the account examined tap water from both the US and UK under a microscope to uncover the true contents - and the results weren't as pure as one might expect.

Under the microscope, tap water samples from both sides of the pond were teeming with strange, alien-like microbes. The British sample appeared marginally less alarming, yet this did little to soothe viewers' queasiness.

Numerous comments expressed disgust, with some viewers stating they felt nauseous watching the clip.

A shocked viewer commented: "We are doomed in UK, I keep telling my husband UK tap water is not clean but he doesn't listen. I boil my water and filter or I buy bottled water. I hope bottled water is clean."

Another person recommended: "Always use a water filter and always boil your drinking water."

Meanwhile, someone else humorously shared: "Me watching while drinking UK tap water," accompanied by an emoji covering its eyes.

Some have underscored the fact that not all tap water in the UK is the same, sparking debate on which region's water reigns supreme. Arguments were made for the superiority of Scottish and Welsh water, with one commenter confidently stating: "Btw UK water from the north is better than south."