Six in 10 Brits ignoring a health problem

Are you ignoring a health concern? [Photo: Getty]
Are you ignoring a health concern? [Photo: Getty]

The majority of us are ignoring health warning signs, a new survey has found.

Six in ten Brits are suffering from a physical pain such as a toothache, a headache or chest pain yet failing to do anything about it.

A third of respondents admitted this was because they didn’t want to discuss their problem with their GP, while other reasons cited included a fear of getting bad news and struggling to get an appointment.

One in five are even casting a blind eye towards bleeding or pain in their gums, according to the findings, in a study conducted by Oral-B, with one in ten admitting they would wait up to a year before seeking attention for bleeding gums.

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“Unfortunately, health problems, big and small, are an inevitable part of life, said Adam Parker, a representative from Oral-B. "But it’s common sense that pretending they aren’t happening isn’t going to fix anything.”

“There are plenty of reasons why we avoid dealing with our health problems, but looking after your health proactively can prevent issues arising in the first place,” he added.

Dr Reena Wadia, gum specialist and Oral-B ambassador, highlighted the particular significance of ignoring gum problems.

She said: “Gum disease is the most common human disease, but unfortunately one of the least acknowledged.

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“The longer we leave gum disease untreated, the more damage is caused and the more difficult it is to treat.

“Tooth loss is a consequence of gum disease, but in recent years it has become very clear that gum health is related to your general health. Active periodontal disease can lead to increased risks of diabetes, heart disease and many other general health conditions, so it’s vital that we address it early on.”