The Brit Awards' most controversial moments

Anything could happen on live TV - and no show proves that sentiment more than the Brit Awards.

The ceremony is notorious for the - often booze-fuelled - antics of its guests and the chaos that ensues when they are allowed to be broadcast straight into the living rooms of thousands.

There have been many memorable moments from the ceremony throughout the years with most of them awkward enough to make your skin crawl without even being in the room.

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There really is no other ceremony quite like the unruly music awards.

Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox's pitiful pairing (1989)

Their height disparity aside, Mick Fleetwood and Samantha Fox were a beyond awkward pairing in 1989 when autocue issues, announcing the wrong guests and general confusion plagued their presenting gig. The disastrous live ceremony heralded the next 18 years worth of ceremonies being pre-recorded, which is quite the legacy.

Jarvis Cocker takes on Michael Jackson (1996)

The King of Pop was challenged by big Brit Pop star in 1996 when Jarvis Cocker took exception to Michael Jackson's performance of Earth Song and invaded the stage to shake his behind to viewers. He later described his actions a "form of protest" against Jackson portraying himself as "some kind of Christ-like figure".

Geri spices up the ceremony (1997)

Ginger Spice gave everyone at the Brits (and everyone watching at home) a huge eyeful in 1997. The bustier part of Geri's red dress slipped down as she and her bandmates stepped up to the podium as she accidentally exposed her right breast. It was a night of daring sartorial choices from the redhead as it was also the year she ensured her place in pop history with the iconic Union Jack tea towel dress.

John Prescott's soaking from Chumbawamba (1998)

John Prescott got more than he bargained for when Chumbawamba's Danbert Nobacon threw a bucket of ice cold water on him at the 1998 event. Nobacon was never charged over the stunt which seemed to occur as a result of growing tensions between the anarchist band and government officials. Some might say the politician got knocked down only to get back up again. You're never going to keep John down.

Ronnie Wood's stage invader run-in (2000)

Club DJ Brandon Block thought it would be a good idea to invade the stage at the 2000 ceremony when Thora Birch and an apparently inebriated Ronnie Wood were presenting an award. He shouted "oi, oi!" into the mic and resisted being bundled away by security, only for the Rolling Stones guitarist to dash his drink in the DJ's face. Block then retaliated by calling Wood an "old b**tard" before getting a "f**k off" in response.

Joss Stone's bizarre accent (2007)

English songstress Joss Stone turned up to the 2007 Brits not seeming quite herself; mainly because she was speaking with a bizarre American-accented twang. The Dover-born star also delivered a confusing pre-amble as she wobbled about the stage, even doing a bit of singing, before presenting the award for Best Male Artist to James Morrison.

Arctic Monkeys lay into the Brits at the Brits (2008)

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner took to the mic after the band won Best British Group to deliver a strange acceptance speech as the singer joked he was an alumni of the Brit School, which he never attended. While it may have been a sarcastic dig at the establishment and the stars it has produced, he was quickly silenced as the show cut backstage to Fearne Cotton.

Liam Gallagher does a classic Liam Gallagher (2010)

Liam Gallagher put on a typical Liam Gallagher display at the 2010 Brits when he threw Oasis' award for Best Album of 30 Years for (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? into the audience along with the microphone after a sweaty acceptance speech. He was then launched into a feud with host Peter Kay who called him a "k**bhead", as he retaliated by calling him a "fat f***".

Adele doesn't like being cut off (2012)

Adele made sure her feelings were known when James Corden had to cut her off during her acceptance speech for Best British Album as she put her middle finger up in a defiant gesture to producers. Meanwhile, a mortified Corden later took to Twitter after the ceremony to explain how he had been told to cut the 'Hello' singer off mid-flow.

Madonna's cape kerfuffle (2015)

Madonna should've taken some advice from The Incredibles' Edna Mode ahead of her 2015 performance and left the cape at home. The singer's costume was put on too tightly around her neck so when it was time for the garment to be ripped away, it just took Madge with it and she was pulled off the stage.

Lewis Capaldi on mute (2021)

Lewis Capaldi isn't exactly known for censoring himself during TV appearances, but his 2021 British Album of the Year hosting duties took things to a new level. The Scottish singer's speech was so foul-mouthed, it had to be muted for TV.