Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz's family heartbreak after tragic loss

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Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz have been left "heartbroken" after the sudden death of one of their treasured Chihuahuas, with the couple expressing deep sorrow, saying "we'll miss you so much."

Brooklyn Beckham, the 25-year-old son of football legend David Beckham and pop icon Victoria, took to Instagram to share a poignant message about the loss of their pup, with emotions running high following the untimely passing.

Beckham, who dabbles in amateur photography and cooking on YouTube, informed fans that their beloved Nala had died after a grooming appointment. In a heartfelt Instagram post accompanied by a snapshot of him holding the tiny canine, Brooklyn penned: "Dear Nala, we miss you so much."

In his tribute, he voiced the shock and pain felt: "You were unexpectedly taken from way us too soon and hope others don't experience a loss after something as simple as a grooming. You were the cutest little baby girl and we will always think of you. We know you are looking and barking down on us x We love you so much and miss you beyond."

Actress Nicola, 29, also shared an intimate photo with the cherished pet, alluding to her immense grief. Detailing the depth of her distress, Nicola described the agony of this tragedy: "I can't even find the words to describe my heartbreak on so many levels. Nala was perfectly healthy when she went to the groomers yesterday but came out hyperventilating and couldn't catch her breath.", reports the Mirror.

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Nicola Peltz shared an emotional post about the passing of her beloved dog -Credit:Instagram

Nicola said, "We rushed her to the vet and she passed hours later. I'm sharing this in hopes that it might prevent this from happening to other dogs. Her life was taken away from her way too soon. She was my beautiful queen and stayed by my side for nine years through everything."

She then issued a stark warning to pet owners about placing trust in others with their furry companions: "One day without Nala on earth feels like an eternity. I wish I could have her back in my arms. I pray she's with my Naunni. I hope I see them soon."

Brooklyn and Nicola are heartbroken -Credit:Instagram
Brooklyn and Nicola are heartbroken -Credit:Instagram

The post swiftly gathered many condolences, with fans expressing their sorrow for the couple's beloved dog. One person commented: "So incredibly sorry for your loss."

While another shared: "I'm so sorry, that's a pain in the heart for sure. Sounds like you loved your Sweet Nala very well."

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