Brooklyn Nine-Nine boss reveals regret at not including Gina Linetti in season 7

Photo credit: John P Fleenor/Fox/Universal Television
Photo credit: John P Fleenor/Fox/Universal Television

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season seven spoilers follow.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine wrapped up its seventh season last night (April 24), leaving fans on a happy note as Jake and Amy welcomed a baby son, Mac.

However, while we got many of the usual Brooklyn Nine-Nine highlights throughout the season – including a Halloween heist episode and the return of the Pontiac Bandit – one element was missing.

As we all know, the human embodiment of the '100' emoji, Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), departed the 99 last season to pursue her dreams, and co-creator Dan Goor has admitted regret that she didn't get some sort of return in season seven.

Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

"The only regret I have with having 13 [episodes] is that we didn't figure out a Gina episode, and I want to make sure that she's in Season 8," he told TVLine. "I love Chelsea Peretti. I think she's one of the funniest human beings in the world, and I love the character of Gina Linetti.

"Looking back, we were still able to do a Pontiac Bandit episode, a Halloween heist… Pimento was in there, we had Marc Evan Jackson… we had a lot of our favorites.

"We also got to do that three-episode arc with Vanessa Bayer, so I feel like we weren't [too] limited in terms of what we were going to do."

Photo credit: Fox
Photo credit: Fox

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Goor also opened up about season seven being the shortest so far, adding: "Creatively, it just allowed us to focus on all the episodes, give a little more time to each one.

"As a series grows and matures – we've now done 143 episodes – it's harder to find stories that feel unique, and we don't want to be in the business of repeating ourselves too much."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs on NBC in the US, while E4 and Netflix show it in the UK.

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