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The Guardian marked Brexit 'the day we said goodbye', adding that Britain left the EU 'with a lump in its throat and a poignant song of farewell'.


'Build the Britain we were promised': How the front pages reacted to Brexit

Chris Parsons
News Editor

There was a mixture of sorrow and euphoria on the front pages of Britain and Europe’s newspapers on Saturday as the national media reacted to Brexit finally getting over the line.

The Guardian strikes a mournful tone on the “day we said goodbye” with a glum-faced bulldog, while inside economics editor Larry Elliott writes “a new era has begun” as the UK enters “a decade of potentially profound structural change”.

Tory MP Michael Gove writes in the Times that “the real meaning of the Brexit vote is re-invigorating out parliamentary democracy” and an apparently jubilant Daily Express entreats readers to “Rise and shine” for a “glorious new Britain”.

The Daily Express, meanwhile, heralded a ‘glorious new Britain’.

But globally the papers carry a notably mixed reaction, with Germany’s Die Welt assuring Britain it will “never walk alone” while Italy’s La Repubblica asks if Brexit heralds a nightmare.