Furious row breaks out over opening hours for Coventry burger restaurant

Coventry Live readers have been reacting to the recent uproar over plans for a burger restaurant to extend its opening hours in Coventry, which has sparked a wave of mixed reactions from residents and local councillors. The proposal for Burger Boi on Daventry Road to stay open until midnight has triggered concerns about potential noise disturbances and parking issues in our comments section.

Councillors said locals are "very concerned" and also highlighted parking problems on the road opposite the fast-food restaurant. A spokesperson for Burger Boi says it takes these concerns "very seriously" and will make any necessary changes to reduce late-night noise.

One of our readers, Bulus, commented: "Do any of these people saying what a great idea this is have to suffer late night noise near their houses? I guess not."

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While Markos1975 stood up for the place and said: "The burgers from this place are amazing, fingers crossed I can get one a bit later on in the evening. Great idea and good for business."

Coventrysfinest2021 agrees: "I love the burgers and also the Chinese next door."

Rockstargeorgiesaint backed the locals by saying: "The residents should be listened to. It isn't easy going to work when your sleep's disturbed."

Although Coventryresident dismissed the issue: "What a sad petition. Anyway, what is it with a certain generation of individuals content on watching the city gradually decline, wanting to restrict businesses, through the veil of noise and parking? Buy a house with a drive/garage if you want your own space. Move to a quieter location rather than choose to live in a bustling area. Make it make sense! They also do top-notch burgers TBF!"

Bobinder also said: "I don't see a problem with this food outlet opening an hour longer, The same thing all residents who live close to shopping parades and the like have to tolerate. The outlet appears smart and tidy,

"Parking no doubt is an issue but tell me where parking isn't an issue up and down the country. We have unsubstantiated claims out of towners coming in to make money, Many people travel out of town to work, So I don't understand the resentment and problem with that.

"If you live near a parade of shops? Don't complain about shoppers. As for being respectable, Your attitude and views are far from "respectable" in stark contrast to the business owners. They put out a very thoughtful and respectable statement. Parking is an issue everywhere, One only needs to try and escape West Orchards car park during peak hours! What do you propose should happen there? Shut down the city centre?"

Blueblue123 countered with: "Would you like it operating outside your home until the late night with groups of people loitering outside all the time and noise from increased traffic and bad parking - likely not. Why do you think people who live in respectable areas have to put up with this as - it's accepted in other places?

"You can go to Companies house and find the information on the company which confirms the owner is from out of Coventry, easy research. The residential homes were there long before the junk food place was and the other eateries by them are only open respectable hours as they are considerate of the residents around them."

Tommann replied with: "It's hardly a full blown 'parade of shops', is it? There are 7 shops in total... and one of them has been closed for a couple of years. Burger Boi only opened in the last two years. The premises that are now Burger Boi were a newsagent shop going back to at least the 1950s.

"I think it's fair to say that when the people now complaining purchased their homes 20 or 30 years ago had no reason to anticipate the opening of a burger bar."

Singhlfc77 adds: "Nothing wrong with it, it's a busy road, plus it's a decent burger place, always have the moaners moaning constantly, people making a living and people enjoying some decent food."

Let us know what you think about the plans for the extended opening hours - HERE or in the comments below.

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