Bus Filled With Asylum Seekers Arrives in Manhattan From Texas

Asylum-seeking migrants who were bused to New York City from Texas were greeted at the Port Authority bus terminal by press, volunteers, and activists on Wednesday, August 10.

The migrants were sent by Texas Gov Greg Abbott, who indicated that this was part of his “unprecedented action to secure our border” and said that “NYC is the ideal destination for these migrants.”

In response, the press secretary to New York Mayor Eric Adams tweeted that Abbott’s “continued use of human beings as political pawns is disgusting. NYC will continue to welcome asylum seekers w/ open arms, as we have always done, but we still need support from DC.”

Adams requested federal resources to assist the city with the influx of migrants on July 19 after “a sharp increase in asylum seekers from Latin America and other regions” were overwhelming the city’s shelter system. According to reports, Adams spoke to the White House August 8 to discuss federal aid.

Posts on social media showed volunteers waiting at the bus terminal to welcome the immigrants, who arrived in two separate buses. The volunteers said they provided food, served as translators, and informed the new arrivals of housing options.

Immigrant Services Commissioner Manuel Castro denounced Abbott’s decision to bus migrants to New York and Washington instead of “to the actual location they need to be transported to.” He added that the governor’s actions reflect “the intent of causing as much harm as possible to our cities.” Credit: Marla Diamond via Storyful

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